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Many accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles are a result of the driver of the car failing to see the motorcyclist. Due to the lack of protection on a motorcycle, these accidents end up being catastrophic for the motorcyclist and any passenger he or she may be carrying. If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a Clinton County, St. Lawrence County and Franklin County motorcycle accident attorney to protect your interests.

Insurance companies are more interested in protecting their own bottom lines than they are in helping you. You need an experienced trial lawyer to represent your best interests. At Poissant, Nichols, Grue, Vanier & Babbie, P.C., we have obtained thousands of dollars in proper and just compensation for people who have been injured in motorcycle crashes. We practice with integrity and to a high ethical standard. This has earned us the respect of our peers in the legal community and from the insurance adjusters we negotiate with.

Skilled Attorneys Representing Bike Crash Injury Victims In Potsdam, Plattsburgh And The Surrounding Areas

New York does not have no-fault insurance for motorcycles, so the sooner you contact us, the better we can protect your rights and get your case moving forward. We want to make sure your medical bills are covered so you can continue to get treatment for your injuries. While getting better is your first priority, providing legal representation that meets the highest ethical and professional standards is ours.

We send our accident investigation team to your accident site to collect and preserve evidence, examine any skid or wipeout marks and interview witnesses and police. We review your medical records and your prognosis as we build your case. By taking quick and effective action, we help ensure that the best possible results will be achieved.

Personal Attention To Your Life

We sit down with you and a family member to hear your account of events and to learn about the full impact this accident has had on your entire life, including how it has affected your family. We want to present a detailed picture to an insurance adjuster, a judge or a jury so we can give you the best representation possible.

We give you clear and concise information about the legal process and what may happen in your case. We explain all of your options so you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family. We are your diligent advocates and we fight for a positive outcome in your case.

We negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. If the insurance company is unwilling to come to an agreement, our experienced trial attorneys will take your case to court.

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