New York State fall conditions may lead to increase in accidents

This fall, numerous conditions may increase driving hazards. These include adverse weather, as well as pedestrians or deer.

The beautiful fall foliage may attract many people to the roads throughout New York, but there is more to autumn weather than the stunning colors of changing leaves. Colder weather brings numerous risk factors that may result in accidents, most of them weather-related. The dangers may increase for inexperienced drivers or those who refuse to take precautions in adverse conditions, putting others at risk as well.

According to the United States Federal Highway Administration, almost 1,312,000 motor vehicle accidents every year are weather-related, equating to 23 percent of all accidents nationwide. About 6,250 people are killed and more than 480,000 are injured in weather-related crashes per year. The adverse weather conditions that typically begin in fall and continue throughout the winter include fog, rain, snow, sleet, slippery roads and severe wind.

Weather and other factors that increase the danger

Many of the driving dangers in the fall, states Esurance, include the following:

  • Reduced visibility and glare from headlights in heavy fog
  • Early-morning glare from the sun
  • Fallen leaves becoming slick with frost, rain or mud
  • Sudden, heavy rainstorms

Autumn driving hazards are not limited to the weather, however. Children may be at risk as they walk or ride bikes to and from school. There is also increased traffic on the roads during these times. Additionally, deer migration patterns change in the fall, and drivers may encounter more of the animals on roadways.

Fog attributed to multi-vehicle accidents on I-84

In March 2015, thick fog and icy road conditions were believed to have been the cause of five separate accidents that involved 23 vehicles. Time Warner Cable News reported that numerous vehicles spun out or tried to avoid cars that had spun out on Interstate 84 that early morning. One was a New York State Department of Transportation plow salting the road, which struck a couple of cars before ending up in a ditch. 10 people received minor injuries.

Drivers should take precautions in the fall to avoid being injured in crashes. When weather or visibility is poor, it is important to slow down or to pull over if it is no longer safe to drive. Drivers should give other vehicles extra room and watch out for pedestrians or deer crossing the roads.

It is not always possible to prevent an accident even if you are driving safely. Other drivers may neglect to take precautions and cause a crash. If you're injured in an accident caused by someone else this fall, you may wish to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options.